“Magic-Kleen” is a non abrasive powder that will not damage glass when used according to directions.

1. Simply wet a non-scratch scourer sponge (usually these are coloured white). If progress is slow because of heavy build up,, don’t be afraid to use a harder scourer say a green nylon but check on an inconspicuous area first.

2. Shake a little of the powder onto the scourer sponge or dip onto the surface of the powder from the bucket to make a wet slurry, and work the surface of the glass.

3. If the problem is severe, keep dipping the scourer into the powder to make a dryer paste.

4. You will notice the surface become smoother and smoother, then simply rinse off.

The product works just as well on marine glass, glass pool fencing, glass balconies which scales regularly due to continually wetting and drying, again, no problem.


The Experiment

    This shower screen was purchased from the local dump recycling centre, and was totally covered in scale we believed if we could clean this we could clean anything!
    And so it has turned out to be. This shower screen comes from one of North Queensland’s most hard water areas.